An article detrimental to the Earl of Barclay that appears in their broadsheet, The Mayfair Lady, results in dire consequences for the Duncan sisters when the earl decides to sue for libel.

Prudence Duncan turns to Sir Gideon Malvern, a well-known barrister, for legal help. With no funds for his fee, Prudence offers the use of their matchmaking services in exchange. Working together on the case results in differences of opinions and in a liaison between the two. Prudence is adamant that she and her sisters retain their autonomy over the broadsheet— and their anonymity. So how does Gideon go about defending the newspaper? And just as important, what will be the outcome of the bride hunt?

Feather unites a free-spirited woman and an assertive lawyer in this tale of a mature, sensual, delightful relationship. The author also proves the 20th century is as wonderful to write about as the Regency. SENSUAL (Mar., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond