Framed for a bank robbery he didnt commit, Johnny McCallister is stuck with a two-year probationary program in the town once known as Paradise.

Hell-bent on revenge against the men who killed his family, Johnny isnt prepared for Ragan Ramsey, the judges housekeeper and assistant. They butt heads, but hes still attracted to her. Ragan knows Johnny is dangerous, but theres nothing like a bad boy to make a good girl dream of love.

Johnny becomes involved in the towns troubles, for it is beset by raiding gangs. People believe only a hired gun can help.

Ragans sister is taken by the real bank robbers, who want to exchange her for Johnny. His willingness to sacrifice himself leads the townsfolk to an interesting decision.

There is laughter and warmth in the pages of Lori Copelands latest charmer. Ragans love teaches Johnny to let go of the past in order to face the future. Her distinctive cast of memorable characters and endearing story will definitely win readers hearts. SWEET (Oct., 375 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin