Welfonder's love of Scotland shines through on every page of this medieval romance, where sexual tension is an integral part of a dramatic story. She skillfully draws you into a suspenseful mystery with wonderful atmosphere.

Since his mother died when he was born, Jamie of the Heather Macpherson has been exiled and abandoned by his father. He becomes squire to Duncan MacKenzie, the Black Stag, and is known as a fierce fighter. When his brothers are killed, Jamie returns home as the heir. He is to take his brother's place and wed the Matheson daughter to keep peace between the clans. Jamie does not know that he will marry his betrothed's sister, the alluring and brave Aveline.

Aveline is uneasy about deceiving Jamie, but from the moment they meet it's lust and love at first sight. But the newlyweds are plagued by the grief of Jamie's father, sightings of his brothers' ghosts and the fact that their deaths were no accident. (Forever, Sep., 350 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin