Robert de Lacey, legendary Lion of Normandy, is determined to reclaim the lands and castle that were once his. With the power of an army and the cunning of a fox, he storms the fortress and takes his enemy's daughters hostage.

Though her father's daughter, Jocelyn Montagne, with her dark beauty and Welsh heritage, is not the favored child. She has made herself useful as the castle's chatelaine and her timid sister's best friend. When no one else dares to bring down the conqueror's wrath, Jocelyn challenges him with her dagger.

Intrigued and beguiled by Jocelyn's courage, Robert wonders if there is a way to have both his lands and this exotic beauty. Much to her surprise, Jocelyn is drawn to the bold invader who steals her heart.

When the king decrees that Robert must wed Jocelyn's sister, fate steps in and it is Jocelyn herself he takes as his wife. Love blossoms and passion rules their lives until the dark intrigues of the era and old jealousies conspire to destroy their love.

Elizabeth Stuart surpasses herself with this superb romance brimming over with larger-than-life lovers and colorful, dramatic history. BRIDE OF THE LION is medieval romance at its very best. SENSUAL (Aug., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin