A gypsys blessing seems more like a curse to three dashing young men in this episode of A Rose for Three Rakes, a Regency series by Zebra favorite Debbie Raleigh.

When the old woman tells each of them that true love will be theirs by the coming of summer, the rakes decide to impose a penalty of 1000 pounds to the first man to succumb to loves lure. Soon after, Lord Challmond discovers that the little neighbor girl he left behind has become a lovely young woman, albeit with interfering ways and the devils own temper.

Hes relieved, for there is no chance that he will lose his money with Claire the Cat as the only eligible parti near his country seat! The heroine is rather erratic and her gullibility is extreme, but a clever use of snappy dialogue redeems this tale.

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck