Image of Bride by Mail (Harlequin Historical\Wild West Weddings)


Image of Bride by Mail (Harlequin Historical\Wild West Weddings)

This delightful tale about a fur trapper and a lady, and how mismatched they are, is Madison’s debut novel with Harlequin — the first of her Wild West Weddings series about mail-order brides for three hardworking, hard-living men! It’s funny, charming, realistic and full of sexual tension — a treat for all western fans!

Olivia Hansson leaves Connecticut to be a mail-order bride in Colorado. But the man who wrote her poetic letters is very different from the disheveled fur trader who claims her at the train depot. Jack Trudeau advertised for a wife and helpmate; he does not need an ornamental lady like Olivia. He should have put her on the next train east, but he gives her one month to prove that she can endure the wild frontier. Poor timing and missed cues are the story of her life, but Olivia is a survivor and a hard worker, and in the end her beauty, gentleness and tenacity will surprise, exasperate and delight her new husband. (HARLEQUIN, Jun., 288 pp., $6.50)
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Maria Ferrer