Escaping the forced marriage stipulated by her fathers will, Jessica Teirney assumes schoolteacher Emma Grimes identity and flees to Prosperity, Colorado, the mining town built and controlled by McCain.

McCain knows Emma is trouble the minute he sees her; any woman that beautiful can be nothing but a problem in a town full of men. But Emma insists she is the woman he hired and that she can do the job.

Desperation drives Jessica to continue her charade even though she longs to tell McCain the truth. Her strong will and aristocratic bearing cause her some problems with the down-home women of the community, but her warm and loving ways, and her dedication to teaching begins to win them over.

The day comes that the real Emma Grimes and Jessicas unwanted fianci arrive in Prosperity. No matter how hard she has worked, or how much a part of the town she has become, her lie makes many people turn away from her. Can she win back their trust and keep McCains love?

Warmhearted, charming, and sweet, A BRIDE FOR MCCAIN is a delightful tale. Readers will enjoy Jessicas attempts at teaching and her fight for literacy for both the children and adults. SENSUAL (Feb., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin