Despite the continued refusal of Lord Duncan MacKinnon to allow New Bride Magazine to use Dunraven Castle in a photo shoot for their next issue, Kara Fitzgerald flies over to Great Britain determined to change his mind. Before she tackles the hard-headed Scotsman, however, Kara will put her unique psychic gifts to work by doing a Feng Shui energy flow consultation on the Calendish showrooms.

One evening Kara is quietly working, when she inadvertently stumbles across a robbery in progress. She is irate when she discovers that the burglar who manhandles her is, in fact, Duncan MacKinnon, who as a security expert, has been hired to discover any weakness in the showroom defense system.

All Kara's unique senses and instincts warn her that something evil and dangerous is swirling around Duncan and Dunraven Castle. Kara and Duncan's antipathy towards one another is tested by the immediate sensual and emotional connection they feel. Upon reaching Dunraven, Kara's psychic visions of the ancient past grow more vivid and seem to harbor an ominous warning.

For Duncan, the warning signs are clear...his dangerous and demented twin brother Kyle has returned, and this time Kyle intends to destroy Duncan. An expert in explosives, Kyle places bombs in several locations and forces Duncan and Kara to race against time to dismantle them. Will any of them survive the final confrontation?

Magnetic, sensual and thrilling are just a few of the adjectives that describe outstanding author Christina Skye's newest supernatural thriller. Fans will be entranced with this latest chapter in the Draycott Abbey series. (May, 416 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith