Mia has no plans to ever get married. So when a psychic she impulsively
visits predicts she will be wed before
the year is out, she scoffs. She then
discovers that her grandfather, who
is extremely rich and loves her very
much, might disinheriting her if she isn't married by his 85th birthday,
which just happens to be a few months away. While he's in Italy looking for a husband for her, she is on her way to Las Vegas to marry Derek, whom she met on the Internet.

Like Mia, Dominic Chickalini planned
to never marry. Yet when a beautiful young woman in a wedding gown sits beside him on a plane to Las Vegas, he finds himself amazingly drawn to her. Too bad she's on her way to marry someone else. But when her marriage plans fall through, will they use the excuse of a marriage of convenience
to see if what they feel for one another
is the real deal?

In this story of the Chickalinis' confirmed bachelor, Markham once again brings you laughter and tears in a
wonderfully heartwarming romance.
The characters are like family, and it
is a joy to see many familiar faces.
(Oct., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley