More than four years ago, archaeologists Cairo McKnight and Duncan Kincaid acted upon their intense passions and eloped to Las Vegas. Their honeymoon only lasted one night, as Duncan unceremoniously abandoned his new bride to join an overseas discovery team. Unfortunately, something went wrong and Duncan was arrested and tossed in jail. A hurt and angry Cairo decided to follow her parents advice and got a quick annulment.

Cairo now needs Duncans help in two critical areas. Because of an air crash caused by a pilot she hired, Cairos fledgling tour business is going under. Only the promise of a special tour guided by world famous archaeologist Duncan Kincaid is keeping her afloat. The problem is Cairo has not yet consulted with Duncan. There is another, more important reason Cairo is considering bringing Duncan back into her life Her precocious 4-year-old son Dylan needs a fathers influence.

Duncan is on the verge of a major discovery, when he finds himself being tailed by his ex-wife Cairo. For years, Duncan has tried to locate a lost city of gold mentioned in the journal of 19th-century mountain man Angus MacPherson. Fearing he would mimic her own parents absentee attitude toward child-rearing, Cairo never informed Duncan that he was a father. Has her fear derailed any chance of rebuilding their short, but extremely intense marriage?

Communication and sharing of emotions are two lynch-pins that the always-impressive Patti Berg weaves into her new novel. Ms. Berg can always be counted on to give booklovers the hours of reading pleasure they seek. (May, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith