Graham merges two of her great passions, the Civil War and vampires, into a mesmerizing love story that is highly enjoyable reading. Blending key historical personages and strong characters who share unbreakable bonds with a fast-paced story serves to make this a nonstop read.

Finn Dunne, a Pinkerton detective charged with guarding the president at public events, is patrolling the area prior to the Gettysburg ceremonies and spies an attractive woman who appears to have something hidden under her jacket. She drops a package containing an elaborate American flag before disappearing. Over the next 18 months he never forgets the mystery woman. Tara Fox is planning to travel from Key West to Washington, D.C., to warn Lincoln of the danger she has seen in her dreams. Finn is on his way to Florida to capture a blockade runner when his ship encounters Tara’s vessel. In the ensuing battle the survivors are marooned on an island. Soon he informs her of a shocking revelation about her heritage. Tension is high and then the survivors are attacked by newly made vampires. After surviving the battle Finn agrees to bring Tara to Lincoln. They are rescued, yet the vampires continue to plague them until they reach Washington and Tara can deliver her message to the president and uncover some surprises about her heritage. (HQN, Dec., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin