Image of Bride By Royal Appointment


Image of Bride By Royal Appointment
When Adam Ryder, next in line to inherit the throne, arrives in Niroli, all he's thinking about is how it will benefit him and his son, Jeremy. An illegitimate son who never knew his father, Adam has no real feeling for the country. Then he meets Elena Valerio, who immediately bonds with Jeremy but isn't sure about Adam, especially when she finds out why he's in Niroli. She happens to be blind, but no one has ever seen Adam more clearly. Will he realize that the real treasure in Niroli is Elena? Adam starts off a bit self-centered, but falling in love softens his edges. The weaving of Jeremy and Elena's guide dog into their relationship makes Raye Morgan's Bride by Royal Appointment (4) a warm and engaging story about two people without family starting a new one of their own.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers