On his way through the local village, Lord James Harkness is astonished to see a bride sale taking place. Astonished by the shocking display, James bids an outrageous amount for a wife. Now he wonders what he will do with her.

Verity Osborne drew on all her courage to allow her weak husband to sell her in order to settle his debts. She does not know if she should count herself lucky to be purchased by the lord or if she has traded one disreputable man for another? Still, there is something about Lord Harkness that draws Verity to him.

Dark and brooding as the Cornish landscape, James has secrets in his past that make him a topic of gossip. Did he kill his wife and child? Verity finds it impossible to believe that a man as kind and noble as James could have committed such a terrible deed.

Haunted by guilt, James finds it difficult to trust Verity with his heart, and his secrets, but he must believe in her love if they are to triumph over the true evil.

With touches of a classic gothic novel, the sexual tension of a powerful romance and the allure of a Regency setting, THE BRIDE SALE heralds a fine new writer on the scene. Readers are sure to enjoy the plotline, the lively repartee and the strong characters that Regency staple Ms. Hern has crafted for her first long historical romance. SENSUAL (Jan., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin