Image of Bride of a Scottish Warrior


Image of Bride of a Scottish Warrior

This extremely moving story, in which the entrancing, honorable characters grow throughout the tale, will captivate readers. Bride of a Scottish Warrior is an impossible-to-put-down read!

Recently knighted, Sir Ewan Gilroy is in need of a wife and realizes Lady Grace is the woman of his dreams. Since her husband’s death, Grace has planned to atone for her past. Ewan hopes to escort her to the convent and make her realize he would be a perfect husband. Grace does realize that her feelings have changed, and she is overwhelmed when the abbess informs them there is a priest ready to marry them. Ewan’s true depth of character emerges when he defends Grace from a series of treacheries and proves he is the only man for her. (ZEBRA, Jul., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin