Image of Bride Of Shadow Canyon


Image of Bride Of Shadow Canyon

Kayne's latest is fast-paced, action-packed and filled with sexual tension. The reluctant hero is a coarse loner who enjoys his freedom and is not about to let a red-haired temptress interrupt his life. The heroine is an innocent, stubborn spitfire who can't cook but knows a good man when she finds one. She'll keep him, and you'll want to keep this one for a good night's read.

All Jed Doulan had to do was pick up his best friend's sister-in-law and deliver her safely home. Instead, he has to rescue her from kidnappers, fight off three Apaches and marry her! Rachell Carlson is on the run from an obsessed suitor. Unfortunately, her rescuer proves to be a handsome devil with all the manners of a jackass, but as long as he can get her to safety she'll tolerate him.

Their journey from Colorado to California is full of danger and treachery. Jed is anxious to reach their destination and get a quick annulment; otherwise, he can't promise to continue to keep his hands to himself. Rachell has other plans -- plans that involve seducing a reluctant bridegroom. (Harlequin, Apr., 350 pp., $5.50)
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Maria Ferrer