His legendary exploits have made the Bride Thief the most wanted man in England. The daring masked rider helps young women extricate themselves from unwanted marriagesleaving behind enraged fathers.

Eric Landsdowne, the Earl of Wesley, has reasons for saving these women so when he hears of Samantha Briggeham's undesirable betrothal, she becomes his next mission. Eric has no way of knowing that Sammie has already extricated herself from the marriage.

Once Eric discovers his mistake, he returns Sammie to her family, but now fears she might be able to identify him. In order to find out if she recognizes her masked savior, he frequents the myriad of social events she attends, now that the story of her escape has made her the ton's most sought-after woman.

Sammie is drawn to Eric and the two become friends andslowly fall in love. Jacquie D'Alessandro's delightful story revs into high gear as Eric strives to hide his identity while Sammie gets closer to discovering the truth.

This charming, funny romp is destined to delight readers with its fast pace, snappy dialogue, winsome characters (especially Sammie's inquisitive younger brother!) and the sweet yet sexy love story. This "feel good" read brings smiles galore while tempting readers to keep turning the pages. SENSUAL (Mar., 357 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin