Image of The Bride Thief


Image of The Bride Thief
THE BRIDE THIEF (3) by Jennie Lucas: Rose Linden’s wedding to Lars Vaxborg is supposed to be the happiest day of her life, but something feels “off.” Her fears are confirmed when Xerxes Novros kidnaps her from her own reception and tells her her marriage to Lars is fake; Lars is already married to Xerxes’ sister Laetitia. Rose realizes that Xerxes is telling her the truth and that he’s plotting a trade-off with Lars, Rose in exchange for an ailing Laetitia. When the time comes for Rose to return to Lars, she doesn’t want to go, because she’s fallen for Xerxes. Although the heroine falls for her captor story is passé, Lucas infuses the tired plot with enough interesting twists to make this worth reading.
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Rhomylly Forbes