Edouard Gillet, Compte de Trouville, is out of favor with his cousin King Phillip of France. Unaware of this, Dairmid Hume suggests Edouard accompany him to Scotland to marry Dairmids niece, Anne. Edouard isnt about to tell him the truth.

As a widow, Anne is not interested in marriage, but she must do something to protect her son, Rob, so she agrees to the arrangement. If anyone knew he was deaf, he would lose his lands and title.

Neither of them knew that theyd find happiness in the marriage bed. But Edouard is determined to uncover the secret he suspects Anne is hiding.

Anne fears that Edouard, with his passion for perfection, will want Rob removed once he discovers the boys affliction. Uncovering the truth, however, provides for an interesting relationship between Edouard and Rob. Rob proves himself to Edouard and Edouard agrees to keep Robs secret safe when others threaten to shatter their newfound peace.

Ms. Stone has written a memorable, remarkable book that goes beyond the ordinary. Her characters exhibit humor, love, pride and arrogance, but also compassion and understanding. Robs deafness is treated with sensitivity. It becomes a rallying factor and plot-moving device that this reader found highly enjoyable. SENSUAL (July, 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner