Lady Katherine Summers has been summoned to court by King Henry. Happy that her deepest wish, to be reunited with her beloved, is about to be fulfilled, Katherine will have to survive her stepfathers wrath until her escort arrives.

Her escort comes in the form of Wolfram Gerhart Colston. A well-favored knight in Henrys court, he feels far from honored at being allotted such a menial task. This show of loyalty to the King might cost him his own dream of unseating the man who destroyed his family 20 years before.

It is hard for Katherine to recall her forgotten love when Wolf stands before her. When he comforts her in times of crisis, Katherine is doubly confused. Knowing he has no choice but to obey the King, he leaves Katherine in London before pursuing his own destiny.

Fate and the Kings wisdom work to bring them together as the King betroths her to the new Duke of Carlisle, Wolf. But their fragile bond is nearly crushed by a vicious attack on their wedding night.

It is a constant battle to survive their combined enemies. Yet with faithful friends, newly won loyalties and one or two ghosts, Katherine and Wolf triumph to create a world in which love reigns free.

Packed with action that is, at times, dizzying, Ms. Maguires debut tale is fast, humorous and familiar. Like a pair of comfortable jammies, BRIDE OF WINDEMERE will fit into your weekend just right. SENSUAL (Mar., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black