Candace Woodrow and her two friends own a successful business called Gift Baskets to Die For. In three weeks she will marry her fiancé, Barry. Her life seems to be on track—except that the DJ she hired has a heart attack, and her wedding dress—along with the store she purchased it from—goes up in flames.

Then she wakes up in Michael Vogler's bed, with absolutely no idea how she got there. He swears nothing happened, but their paths continue to cross, and Candace starts having serious doubts about her upcoming nuptials. Her grandmother tells her to be sure Barry is her soul mate, but Candace doesn't believe in such nonsense. However, after spending more time with Michael, she begins to believe maybe the idea isn't such rubbish after all.

The Bride Wore Chocolate is the first in an entertaining new trilogy. Though filled with humor, it also has its serious moments. The secondary characters tread the line between being likeable and irritating, but the author manages to find a balance. (Sep., 320 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley