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by Sharon Ihle

Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: American West

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Lacey O'Carroll is thrilled to be leaving the Irish hospital that has been her home for the Wyoming Territory and her husband-to-be. The only problem is that the groom doesn't know anything about his future bride.

Half-Arapaho horse breeder John Winterhawke is quite content to be alone on his ranch. His meddlesome friend, however, thinks a wife is just what "Hawke" needs. When said friend sends for his own mail-order bride, he requests an extra-Lacey.

Though reluctant to accept the situation, Hawke agrees to test Lacey's skills as a homemaker, sure that the fragile Irish lass will never make a rancher's wife.

But Lacey is full of surprises. Though she cannot cook or tend the farm animals, her warm, loving heart and fiercely independent spirit stir deep emotions in Hawke. Lacey sets out to win the man who's to be her husband, and refuses to let prejudice, injustice, dark secrets and murder alter her feeling for the sensual man who lays claim to her heart.

Sharon Ihle plays on your heartstrings and your funny bone with this charming, heartwarming love story filled with the "luck of the Irish." Sure to have readers begging for more. SENSUAL (June, 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed By: Kathe Robin

Publisher: HarperMonogram

Published: June, 1995

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3 Stars

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The Bride Wore Spurs

Submitted by Robin in PA on December 12, 2010 - 1:42pm.

After finding out that her friend Kate is going to America to be a mail-order bride for Caleb Weatherspoon, Lacey O'Carroll begs her to take her along. After all, Caleb's letter did say to bring along a friend to marry his neighbor.

No one told John Winterhawke that his neighbor had requested a mail-order bride for him too. He was immediately suspicious of Lacey. There must be something wrong with her. Why would the beautiful Irishwoman want to marry a half-breed like him? Hawke decided to give her a chance to prove herself on his ranch, but her cooking and cleaning skills left a lot to be desired.

This book was just an "OK" western romance with no new twists on the story. My rating: 3.5 Stars.