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Known to the ton as the Ice Princess, Lady Regina Wharton seeks a diversion from her usual suitors. She does not want to be trapped into an undesirable marriage like her twin, Lady Rebecca Penrith.

Her diversion comes in the guise of the tall, dangerous Clay Bannister, the Earl of Carlisle.

Twelve years have passed since her father, the Duke of Blackthorne, accused Clay of a crime he did not commit. He was exiled, penniless, to Australia. Now back in London, Clays title and estates are returned to him through the auspices of the repentant Duke of Blackthorne.

Out for revenge, Clay devises a plan to go after Regina. He and Regina marry, but she does not play the game by his rules. She beats him at every turn and Clay hides behind an apathetic veneer.

Regina sees his pain and the demons that torture him, but she also sees the good in him. After Clay finds the man responsible for his arrest, he must find it in his heart to end his quest for revenge; for only Regina can give him the happiness and love that he seeks.

With the conclusion of the Captive Heart series, Ms. Johnston writes a hauntingly moving love story with a very poignant sub-plot. SENSUAL (Mar., 390 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond