Andrew grabs readers at the beginning of her delicious tale with an unexpected hook: a bride with a gun. Readers won't want to put this book down until the newlyweds are reconciled and the real murderer is punished.

After years of loving her childhood friend from afar, Alexandra Rawdon, hoyden turned lady, finally gets her wish and marries the lord next door, Richard Deverell. Theirs is anything but a happy union -- Alexandra tries to kill Richard at the altar for the murders of her father and beloved brother, but Richard bargains for six months to prove his innocence.

The newlyweds are soon embroiled in blackmail, treason and murder. And though Alexandra and Richard put up a good front for society, he refuses to have a wife who is "only doing her duty" and who thinks him a liar. The sexual tension between them sizzles and their passion will not be denied. The lovers' paradise is short-lived, though, as suspicions rear their ugly heads and a malicious villain turns the lovers into enemies again. (Harlequin, Aug., 300 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer