Beautiful, willful and an heiress, Tessa Lorimer is the delight of her grandfather. Part French, part English, she is the darling of Parisian society. But her grandfather feels she will be safer in England and arranges for his secretary Ross Trevenan to escort Tessa to London.

With their arrival in London, Tessa discovers that Ross is the Marquis of Sayle. Though at odds with one another from their first meeting, Ross does his utmost to keep her safe, for without her knowledge he is doomed. Tessa holds the key to a murder, and as she fights her unknown enemies it is Ross, with a love he thought never to feel again, who fights for her life.

With THE BRIDE'S BODYGUARD, Ms. Thornton proves again her mastery of historical suspense as she weaves this tale filled with mystery, mayhem and murder. SENSUAL (Apr., 328 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond