In order to force Lady Lillis' father into a peaceful settlement to a long-standing feud, Alexander plots to abduct her as she returns home. Lillis has little memory of her homeland and is stunned when she is taken captive by Alexander's brothers. Though a sheltered English noblewoman, Lillis is no shrinking violet and makes it well known she will not be a pawn in a game of treachery.

Knowing she is betrothed to another only makes Lillis more appealing to Alexander, who comes to admire her honesty and courage. It is no hardship when he decides it is best to marry his hostage even though there are many in his household who think him a fool.

Little do Lillis and Alexander realize how deep the hatred of past generations is embedded in their mutual enemy's mind and as their love flourishes so does their adversary's hatred.

With deft flourishes of her pen, Susan Paul presents readers with a wonderfully realistic portrait of the Middle Ages and characters who are so real they seem to move off the pages. More sexual tension and heightened suspense would have added even more flavor to this vibrant romance. SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin