Once more Maggie Osborne's unique talents for masterful storytelling come to the fore in this tale of twelve women brought together to make a journey across America to find their destinies.

The women from Chastity, Missouri, each had their reasons for leaving and agreeing to become wives of men they had never met in the Oregon Territory.

But to wagon master Cody Snow, these women meant that he was in for a tough time. These ladies were more difficult cargo than the usual whiskey and supplies he carried West, and he was determined not to let them get the best of him.

When Perrin Waverly is chosen to become the women's representative, a Pandora's Box of problems erupt. The beautiful widow with a shady past and eyes that mirror her pain draws Cody as no other woman, but as wagon master he cannot afford to let desire interfere with his work.

As the harshness of the trail begins to take its toll on the women, their fears, hatreds, selfishness and their kindness, caring, tenderness and courage come to the fore. How these remarkable women pull together and work through their differences as a team along with Cody and his half-Native American scout makes THE BRIDES OF PRAIRIE GOLD a very special read.

Like The Joy Luck Club or How to Make an American Quilt, THE BRIDES OF PRAIRIE GOLD is a book about special relationships between women and the complex bonds that keep them together through good times and bad. From the vain Missouri belle to the drug-addicted girl, from the fearful to the strong, these women work to find love and the new lives they deserve. Only a writer of Maggie Osborne's abilities could bring them to life so beautifully. SENSUAL (Aug., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin