Image of The Bridesmaid: A Novella


Image of The Bridesmaid: A Novella

London’s novella doesn’t shortchange readers on laughter and sexy fun. The very relatable misery of air travel and the challenges of being a bridesmaid balance out some predictability in the story and a hero who starts out acting very unheroic. This planes, trains and automobiles adventure will make readers almost wish their next flight gets grounded.

Kate is excited to be flying home for her cousin’s wedding, even if her seatmate is an armrest hog. Joe is hungover and doesn’t want to talk as he tries to recover and plan for meeting his new boss. Then, a storm grounds the plane, and an air-traffic controller strike could mean no flights. When Kate and Joe realize they both are on their way to Seattle, they combine forces. In their travels, they discover that fate brought them together. Their lives on different coasts could keep them apart, but their growing love may unite them forever. (SOURCEBOOKS, Oct., 160 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison