Gifted storyteller Christina Skye thrills readers once again with BRIDGE OF DREAMS, the next exciting installment in her magical Draycott Abbey series.Ms. Skye skillfully intertwines the past and present lives of two compelling individuals, who, despite all obstacles, are destined to love each other throughout time. Author Christina Skye has become a master of delivering wonderfully unique and spellbinding tales that seamlessly combine the elements of dangerous passion, deadly vengeance, and eternal love to form a truly unforgettable novel. Don't miss it!

Dominic Montserrat, the Tenth Earl of Ashton, finds himself in a most unique position. Centuries earlier, his ancestor Gabriel Montserrat disappeared after being accused of murdering his fiance Geneva Russell. When Gabriel's remains, plus a case of rare Sauternes wine, are found walled up in a secret room in Draycott Abbey, Dominic must comply with Gabriel's extraordinary will in order to inherit his share of the valuable wine.

Enter Cathlin O'Neill, wine expert and descendant of Geneva Russell. According to Gabriel's will, the descendants of Gabriel and Geneva must spend seven days and nights at Draycott Abbey in order to inherit the wine. Cathlin and Dominic are soon plagued by unusually vivid dreams which detail the tragic lives and deaths of Gabriel and Geneva. Tragedy and violence are poised to strike once again unless Dominic and Cathlin can decipher the knowledge hidden within their powerful and disturbing dreams.

(May, 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith