Image of Bridge of Dreams (Ephemera)


Image of Bridge of Dreams (Ephemera)

Bridge of Dreams is the second in a series, and is unfortunately not strong enough to stand on its own due to the intensity of the worldbuilding in the series. Otherwise, the dense amount of detail that the reader is forced to perceive and understand (as well as the required and time-consuming backstory) takes away from the novel and the characters. Once readers are able to get past that, they will find the characters worthwhile and the story satisfying.

Lee has helped his sister, Glorianna Belladonna, restore balance to Ephemera. When wizards arrive to threaten their world, Lee sacrifices himself, and finds himself in an asylum in the city of Vision. Vision itself is under threat, and Lee must find a way to bring Ephemera, Glorianna and the shamans who protect Vision together to protect its people. (ROC, Mar., 448 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs