An unlikely love story unfolds in Cast's return to the magical land of Partholon. Cast's tales of Partholon are truly
magical. The world is an intriguing
mix of Celtic folklore and Greek legend,
peopled with an astonishing range of unique races, from the Goddess-touched humans to the powerful centaurs to the winged New Fomorians.
Daringly casting a half-human/half-equine as a romantic heroine, this fantasy adventure explores the nature of love, both physical and spiritual, and the soul's ability to rebound from tragedy. Cast once again challenges readers to look beyond outward appearances and, simultaneously, crafts an exciting adventure that will appeal both to romance and traditional fantasy fans.

After his betrothed is murdered, Elphame's brother, Cuchulainn, believes his own life is over as well. He travels into the Wastelands to lead a group of outcasts home but gains little satisfaction even as he fulfills the mission his beloved would have wanted him to complete.

When her brother is gone longer than expected, Elphame sends the Huntress of Clan Macallan, the centaur Brighid, into the Wastelands after Cu. She helps him lead the exiled children, peace-loving descendants of the fearful Fomorian demons, back into Partholon and, in doing so, forges a strong bond with the grieving human warrior. When Brighid learns her centaur clan plans to go to war against the humans she has come to think of as family, she knows only Cu can help her prevent battle and bloodshed.

(Dec., 400 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jen Talley Exum