Image of Brightest Kind of Darkness


Image of Brightest Kind of Darkness

Book one of this series has a truly powerful plot that brings a freshness to the YA genre. It’s a dark, gritty world, starring a girl who knows what lies ahead and a boy who’s trying to leave the past behind. With no vamps or angels, this is an engrossing partnership formed from the dark and macabre, leading readers down a mystical path.

Inara Collins dreams of every single thing that’s going to happen to her the next day. When she dreams there’s going to be a bomb at her high school, she tempts fate to make sure no one is injured. Transfer student Ethan Harris keeps to himself. He knows what people have done and who they really are deep down inside. When these two put their gifts together, they learn that for every action there is definitely an equal and opposite reaction. (PTMICHELLE.COM, Jan., 357 pp., $9.99, PB, ISBN: 9781466447646, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor