Image of Brightly Woven


Image of Brightly Woven

Bracken's writing is in a similar vein with epic fantasies such as Eragon, yet her character development is superior. The plot twists help her novel stand on its own feet as an unpredictable, original story. This is an adventure and a love story, woven beautifully together.

When wizard Wayland North brings rain to Clifton, ending a decade-long drought, the village chief gives him Sydelle as a reward. Stubborn Sydelle is furious. Together they will cross the continent to stop a war. Sydelle will learn secrets about herself and her home, and North will finally learn to let go of his past and begin to hope for a future. They will face duels, move mountains and be betrayed while trying to save their country and each other. (EGMONT, Mar., $16.99, 368 pp., ISBN: 9781606840382, HC, 12 and Up)

Reviewed by: 
Raven Haller