Image of Brigid of Kildare: A Novel


Image of Brigid of Kildare: A Novel

Thriller author Terrell returns to the ancient world and art history for an eye-opening novel based on the life of Saint Brigid. Brigid's devotion and faith breathe life into the pages and overwhelm her modern-day heroine. Readers who want more Irish history
will savor this absorbing novel.

While the Roman Empire totters, the powerful members of the Church send a young priest to investigate the rumors surrounding an abbess whose unorthodox practices may be a threat.

Brother Decius is instructed to find proof of Brigid's heresy; instead, he's fascinated by her powerful faith and accepts the task to create a magnificent illuminated manuscript. In the present day, art appraiser Alex Patterson uncovers what may be the legendary book that could shake up the fundamentals of Christianity. (BALLANTINE, Mar., 256 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin