In BRING DOWN THE SUN readers are swept up in the passionate forbidden romance between a half-breed Blackfoot scout and a courageous woman doctor.

Kate Maginnis follows her father when he takes a position as physician to the Royal Canadian troops in the unsettled wilderness. Dedicated to healing she stays on, even after her father's tragic death, to continue his work. Kate thrives in this wild, beautiful, savage land and falls in love with Jamie Campbell.

Though he belongs to two worlds, Jamie Campbell is torn between his vow to avenge his mother's brutal murder and his growing passion for the white woman doctor. Kate's courage and love for the land matches his own and when she follows him to the Blackfoot village he cannot deny her love and they marry in an Indian ceremony.

Despite their love, others' prejudice and cruel plots drive the newlyweds apart, yet Kate's indomitable spirit and determination bring her back to the one man who is her true soulmate.

BRING DOWN THE SUN is as majestic and dramatic as the land itself. Elizabeth Macdonald draws readers into this marvelous, colorful tale with the skill of a great storyteller whose own respect and passion for the Blackfoot is evident in every page. The triumphant spirit of these brave people reverberates throughout. SENSUAL (Apr., 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin