Image of Bring It On


Image of Bring It On

BRING IT ON (4) by Kira Sinclair: When Lena Fuller finds out (at the altar!) that the man she is about to marry has been cheating on her with her 19-year-old cousin, she seeks comfort from her best friend Colt Douglas, and they run away to the private island resort honeymoon she was supposed to take with her new husband. On arrival, they are surprised to find out that the honeymoon was arranged as a barter, and the newlyweds were slated to share their escape in a photographed ad campaign, forcing Lena and Colt to confront the steamy sexual tension and deep feelings they have squelched throughout their lifelong friendship. This first in the new Island Nights series will hit readers right in the spot where nostalgia and fancy meet, and may just have them reaching for that old phonebook …

Reviewed by: 
Kim Jefferson