Wall’s writing has the ability to grasp readers’ attention, but unfortunately her plot may not hold it for very long. Readers may be somewhat distracted with the storyline’s emphasis on romance rather than suspense, and fans of this genre may be left wanting more. Hang on till the end — it’s quite a surprise.

Kathryn Delroy is overjoyed once she learns she is invited to participate in a management training session in the Alaskan wilderness. There, she bumps into Thomas Ryan, an old family friend whom she hasn’t seen in ages. Although Kate swore off men after she recently parted with her controlling fiancé, she can’t help but think about what it’s like to be kissed by Tommy. Stranded in the mountains together in a cabin, they unearth documents where all signs point to illegal activities. And when they discover the cabin houses a wanted fugitive, they report it to the FBI and make a mad dash to save each other’s lives. As they become closer to each other and somehow wind up in Texas, they pray not to be next on the bad guy’s list. (CRIMSONROMANCE.COM, dl $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi