This isn't your typical romance. And that's a good thing. A hilarious twist on the "always a bridesmaid, never a bride," the story plots the transformation of an unlucky-in-love guy who is convinced that to get the girl, he can't be himself. The result is an absolutely charming, feel-good read. Lauren Baratz-Logsted writes genuine characters, killer comedic timing and romantic blunders that are truly something special.

Johnny Smith is a man's man. Want to shoot hoops, play poker, watch the Mets play baseball? Johnny's your guy. But when it comes to romance, Johnny's never had much — if any — luck. On the heels of his eighth stint as a best man, Johnny has had enough. He wants the love his friends have found. Badly. And when he meets District Attorney Helen Troy, Johnny knows he can't wait for his luck to change. Determined to make his own good fortune, Johnny gives himself a makeover so he can win Helen's heart. He gets a cat, ditches his hula girl lamp and renounces his beloved Mets. As things get serious, Johnny realizes that Helen could be the love of his life. But now that Johnny is not really himself, who exactly is he? (SELF-PUBLISHED, December 2011, dl., $4.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Maria Planansky