Image of Brody (The Circle Eight)


Image of Brody (The Circle Eight)

Lang has grabbed reader attention with her Circle of Eight series and continues to hold it with Brody, as a bold Texas Ranger meets his match in a determined rancher’s daughter. Not only is Lang’s latest a powerfully realistic western/adventure, but a sizzling hot love story as well — one that borders on erotica.

A year has gone by since her family was attacked, leaving Olivia Graham and her siblings to run their ranch. But Olivia is obsessed with finding her younger brother, Benjy, who was taken by the attackers. Texas Ranger Brody Armstrong is following leads to locate Benjy when Liv decides to go with him. Liv refuses to let a “stranger” search when she’s just as capable. Their journey through Texas into Mexico is fraught with danger, but Liv discovers the answers to some of her questions about Benjy, her enemies and what it means to have the love of a man whose honor, integrity and passion meet her own. (BRAVA, Jul., 262 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin