Image of Broken


Image of Broken

Unique and powerfully sensual, Hart's latest novel is also an intensely emotional reading experience. The author's skill with first-person storytelling continues to impress. You'll truly feel like
a part of the hero's encounters -- and the heroine's fantasies.

For more than a year, psychologist Sadie Danning and mediator Joe Wilder have been meeting once a month. They have lunch on a public bench while Joe tells Sadie about his frequent sexual exploits. Married to a quadriplegic and faithful to the memory of what they shared prior to his accident, Sadie is starved for physical contact -- and, if she's honest with herself, for love.

All she has are Joe's stories and an ability to participate in them -- in her imagination -- for as long as he's willing to allow it. Then the rules change, and neither of them is prepared for what happens next. (Spice, May, 384 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer