Image of The Broken (The Apostles)


Image of The Broken (The Apostles)

Coriell’s latest grips the reader from the first page. An engaging, intriguing plot is at the heart of this thrilller, featuring a diabolical villain. Coriell’s distinctive voice results in a story full of suspense, thick tension and vulnerable characters. As the suspense heightens, Hayden’s and Kate’s vulnerability shows through while their attraction ignites. A definite must-read.

FBI profiler Hayden Reed is completely immersed in the Broadcast Butcher case; his mission is to catch the devious criminal before he kills again. When he gets the location of the Butcher’s first and only surviving victim, Kate Johnson, she becomes the link to the Butcher he doesn’t want to let go of. Strong and scrappy Kate just wants to run, having hidden herself away for nearly two years. As the Butcher threatens to kill again, Kate must trust Hayden with her life and her heart to survive. (FOREVER, May, 416 pp., $8.00)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates