All Trig Mathison wants is revenge against the crooked Judge Chandler, but when the judge blackmails Trig into going after Chandler's runaway daughter the bounty hunter has no choice but to pursue her.

When Carleigh Chandler learns that her father has lied to her and that her mother is alive in Mexico, she vows to cross the border. Carliegh is desperate and alone the night she meets Trig. For one brief moment, she forgets who she is and allows her passions to rule her mind. One night in Carleigh's arms and Trig might forsake his plans for vengeance.

Together they travel the dangerous trail to Mexico and uncover secrets neither expects, but most importantly they uncov-er the secrets of each other's hearts.

Pam Crooks made a mark on the romance scene with her unconventional novel Hannah's Vow. This follow-up confirms her status as a writer of great talent, originality and intelligence. Her believable characters take us on a wild ride that will keep you turning the pages. And your emotional buttons will be pushed by an ending you will not easily forget. SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin