Image of Broken Elements


Image of Broken Elements

Enjoy the suspense and be prepared for some surprises as this debut nears its conclusion. Skillful character development and an artfully crafted plot will keep you entertained until the final page. Marshall leaves just enough unresolved to have us clamoring for the sequel.

Aidan lived a life of solitude for 10 years, trying to forget the brutal deaths of her friends. Now her former best friend, someone she vowed never to see again, has tracked her down to inform her that murders have begun again. Although she tells Sera she won’t become involved, Aidan is soon drawn into the investigation. Neither woman is quite human; both are half elemental. Aidan is water while Sera is fire, and each can conjure her element on command. Joined by other elementals, they begin the grueling task of unmasking the mysterious forces behind these crimes. (RED QUEEN, Jul., 328 pp., $8.99)

Editor's Note: This book was reprinted in February 2013 by Match Books.

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown