Historian Amy Mallory is dismayed after reading an accusatory newspaper article, claiming that her deceased grandfather, General David Mallory, may have been one of three officers to have stolen Nazi gold and valuables after WWII.

Lt. Colonel Lucien Irish Flaherty is having trouble swallowing this same piece of news as his grandfather is also one of the accused U.S. officers. Irish begins investigating the allegations for himself.

Checking with the descendants of the other officers seems like a good place to start. When Irish arrives in Memphis to look up Amy, he discovers that her house has been burned down and Amy was shot in a robbery attempt. She is lucky to be alive and not altogether certain that she can trust Irish Flaherty. When he foils another attempt made on her life, Amy realizes she doesnt have much choice.

Why is Amy the main target of the attacks? Irish and Amy are soon running for their lives as they attempt to put the pieces together from a 50-year-old puzzle.

Can author Pat Potter write terrific romantic suspense? You bet she can, and boy does she prove it with this taut and exciting thriller. (Jan., 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith