Coi’s second book in her steampunk Seasons of Inventions series is both an emotional and physical adventure. The author thoroughly immerses the reader in a Victorian atmosphere mixed with the creative technology of a mad scientist. Broken Promises reads at a brisk pace, daring the reader to keep up with its mysteries while providing brief moments of respite in the couple’s steamy and spontaneous lovemaking. The passion that drives Callie and Jasper to and from each other is palpable. Your pulse will be racing with every scene in this thrilling book. If you haven’t already read its predecessor, Far From Broken, you’ll be making a beeline to download it and see what other intrigues await.

Callie has finally begun to accept life with her mechanical limbs. But, when she finds out that she can never become pregnant, she opts to keep that secret from her husband, Jasper. Worrying her even more is that her body is also malfunctioning in small ways. When Dr. Helmholtz, the scientist who put Callie back together, is in danger, Jasper and Callie are pulled into the War Office’s mission to protect him. But with so many secrets to keep, can Callie manage things long enough to save the only man who can save her? (CARINAPRESS.COM, dl $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Abigail Ortlieb