Hopi wise woman Tikui has been an outcast since she was young, when peoples fear of her visions made her leave her community to live alone in the ancient caves. The elderly Tikui witnesses the murder of local man Eddie Honanie by a mysterious white man.

She realizes that the signs she has been reading are coming true. Someone has found an ancient Hopi tablet that was broken in half centuries ago. The legend states that a man of honor will rejoin the pieces.

FBI Agent Frank Reardon wants nothing to do with the murder case, but soon his fraudulent artifacts case is intimately connected. Frank suspects that Eddies sister Ella is selling the suspect items, but after meeting Ella, Frank is not so sure.

Franks animosity is raised when he learns that Eddie might have been connected to AIRO, the American Indian Rights Organization. Frank has nothing but hatred for the group following the death of his wife at the tragic stand-off at Red Earth. Adding to this already volatile mix is the ancient friction between the Hopi and the Navajo. Frank and Ellas beliefs are challenged when they are exposed to unexplainable events. Is there ancient magic at work?

Laura Baker is fast becoming a fascinating and powerful voice within the romantic suspense genre. Her tales of passion and danger shaded with a hint of the paranormal make for hours of reading pleasure. (Nov., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith