Presbyterian minister's daughter Rebekah Sinclair falls in love with Irish Catholic immigrant Rory Madigan. Though theirs is a forbidden love, they pledge their vows before Rory leaves for a prizefight in Denver.

When he doesn't return, a pregnant Rebekah's only choice is to marry wealthy rancher Amos Wells. When Rory does come home he believes Rebekah has broken their vows and swears revenge.

Years later, Rory arrives in Washington as a representative from Nevada. Rory has uncovered evidence linking Wells to several miners' deaths and sees an opportunity to get even. However, when Rory and Rebekah meet it is obvious their love has never died and Rory sets out to reclaim both Rebekah and her son.

As Rory's investigation continues, Wells' cohorts strike back, killing Wells and framing Rebekah for murder. Though there is mistrust and hurt between Rebekah and Rory, Rory realizes that he will do anything to save his love and settle their problems.

After a slow start BROKEN VOWS quickly grows into a wonderful story of true and everlasting love. Rory and Rebekah's triumph over adversity adds elements of a saga and even a little taste of "Far and Away" to a beautiful love story. SENSUAL (Oct., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager