Image of Brother Odd (Odd Thomas)


Image of Brother Odd (Odd Thomas)

Koontz's beloved character is back with more frightening adventures. A practical soul with a sense of the absurd, Odd Thomas unveils further adventures with self-deprecating humor. Koontz is tops at delivering nightmare scenarios that resonate with warmth and a strange sense of purpose. An unforgettable character in another unforgettable book!

Following recent harrowing events, young Odd seeks peace in the mountains of a California abbey, located next to a convent school for abandoned and disabled children. But peace is in short supply. Odd sees the dark spirits he calls Bodachs, whose arrival usually precede dark and violent events. Luckily, several priests know of and believe in his special psychic gifts, so when one of the brothers goes missing, they understand the implications.

With a snowstorm cutting off communication, Odd senses a growing evil stalking the children. This may be his toughest challenge yet, because haunting him are words spoken by a sleeping young girl, "Loop me in Odd one," the favorite saying of Odd's deceased love, Stormy. (BANTAM, Dec., 384 pp., $27.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith