Josie has been having dreams that are so realistic they leave her bruised and in pain when she awakens. A significant bruise on her breast that matches one found on a murder victim draws Sheriff Doug Brewster to her. Though Doug has long been attracted to Josie, they've kept their relationship a distant friendship.

Doug is sure that Josie's dreams and the murder are connected to The Brotherhood, a white supremacist group that has a following in the area. The Brotherhood certainly has secrets, but so does Josie, and Doug now has to discover who the murderer is while keeping his growing attraction to Josie under control and her secrets safe.

The Brotherhood from Schaefer's The Summerland once again visits the town of Mariposa. The action is smooth and continuous, and Josie's psychic powers are realistically depicted. Doug's gradual acceptance of Josie and all she is is nicely done. This is an excellent paranormal mystery with an nice amount of romance. (Jan., 280 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley