This wonderful story is set in a world in which the roles of men and women have been reversed. Jerin Whistler is a male in a world where boys are rare and valued but not free. Women are in charge and boys are kept at home to do the cooking and child caring until the time they marry. Jerin will be shown off to make a good match, and the elder woman of the family will decide which family he marries. He represents the wealth of their family and they will not risk having him stolen.

When a young woman is attacked on their property, he saves her life, only to discover she's a princess. Princess Ren knows that his family is too far beneath hers to be a suitable match. She hates the thought that like all men he can be given or sold to strangers. But when she discovers his family secret, there is a chance that everything will change. But can Jerin survive the politics that swirl around him when he comes to the capital?

Spencer, an award-winning author, has written another engaging, innovative story. The details are thoroughly imagined, so the world he creates is complete and the characters are charming. (Jul., 320 pp. $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor