Now that Thomas Pitt of Bow Street is a commander, he isnt called to investigate many cases, but in the instance of a high-profile crime, hes the man of choice.

The Reverend Ramsay Parmenter is a bastion of the church, about to be named a Bishop. Unfortunately, his entire career might be shattered by the death of a young womanhis research assistant, Unity Bellwood.

Unity is as different from the Reverend as she could be, but her credentials are impeccable. She is well-suited to be Parmenters researcher. When she tumbles to her death down a flight of stairs in the Parmenter household, the Reverend becomes a prime suspect in what appears to be murder.

The case seems open and shut, but Pitt is a thorough man and must investigate. The household is a difficult one, and the Reverends own family is divided about his innocence in the crime. Furthermore, the curate in the house is a notorious womanizer who at one time had been Thomass brother-in-law. Just as it seems the case cant get any more complex, Thomas learns the stunning news that the unmarried Unity Bellwood had been pregnant.

As Thomas gets closer to the bottom of the case, he is torn between his own honest nature, loyalty and Church politics.

Although many mystery fans will spot the identity of the killer, BRUNSWICK GARDENS is a stunning read. Ms. Perry once more explores the hearts, minds, and emotions of the late Victorian Era, drawing the reader into that bygone age. This is a book to savor, a big novel bound to cross genre lines. (Feb., 389 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg